How to efficiently serve clients with Oradian’s application for field officers

field officer using device

With Oradian’s mobile application, field officers and credit officers can stay connected to their financial institution’s branch or head office at all times – even while they are in the field, visiting hard-to-reach clients. Oradian’s field officer app is a tailored version of Instafin, Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system, that is available on tablets and Android devices.

When a field officer downloads the application to their mobile phone, they are downloading a tool built to make day-to-day operations more efficient. With more efficient processes, field officers can reach more individuals in their communities.

Plan each day in the field – with just a few clicks

Before, field officers would start their day by planning their day and manually creating a spreadsheet that shows which clients they need to visit, where the clients are located and which services each client needs.

Now, field officers can download a spreadsheet with all of this information already compiled. In just a few clicks, all of the information they need for an effective day is on their mobile phone. Oradian’s field officer app enables your team to spend less time in the office and more time in the field.

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Spend less time on administration – in the field and in the office

When the field officer reaches their destination, they have access to real-time data about their clients. In the past, field officers manually recorded client information and information about each transaction in a notebook or on a collection sheet. When they would return to the branch, they would transcribe all the manually collected data into their computer.

Today, field officers record information about each transaction directly into the application. It is connected to Instafin and automatically syncs. Field officers enter transaction data one time, avoiding redundancy. This means that field officers spend less time entering data and individuals at the branch have a real-time overview of what’s happening in the field.

Ready to enable your field officers with our mobile application?

Your field officers are one of your most important assets. They are the face of your financial institution and key to building strong relationships with your clients. To enable your field officers with the tools they need to succeed, contact our Business Development Team.