Building stronger client relationships with Instafin Messaging

In most cases, the clients that your financial institution serves have many choices within the market and can choose which institution they bring their business to.  To ensure that your clients continue choosing your institution first, you must meet their demands for services and also build a trusting, personal relationship with each client.

Financial institutions around the world are using Instafin Messaging, an additional service provided by Oradian’s toolset, to improve their relationships with their clients.

Constantly communicate with your clients

When your financial institution signs up for Instafin Messaging, you choose which types of messages you want to send to your clients. You can send a message when your client:

  1. Receives a loan disbursement
  2. Sends a loan payment to your institution
  3. Deposits money into their account
  4. Withdraws money from their account
  5. Has a late repayment
  6. Has an upcoming loan payment due
  7. Requests an account statement

Constant confirmation enables you to build trust with your clients because they are more aware and informed of any activity on their account.

2.  You increase transparency and reduce fraud

Because Instafin Messaging provides immediate confirmation, your clients are always informed of their account activity. If there is activity that they did not authorise, your clients will know right away and can report any fraudulent transactions – as soon as the activity happens.

This enables you to detect fraud within your institution earlier, giving you the chance to react sooner and reduce the damage.

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